Monday, June 22, 2009



Draft Model 2

Draft Model 1

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Final Model

Extreme expanses of solid mass juxtaposed against water and void create a forceful sense of scale and distance. This vast cavernous space emphasises the distance between those who wield power and those without, whilst also hinting at the necessary depth of those individuals who possess it.

The "island" entrance to Miuccia Prada's domain characterises her independent and isolated approach to design, whilst also creating an ambiguous relationship with the heavy, formal lines of its composition.

The individual behind the power. The warmth behind the walls. These notions are experimented with throughout the scheme.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mash Up

Whether it is intentional or not, through our admiration we are being subjected to an offensive and are scrambling to find a defence. Fear and power do not peacefully coexist. It follows, then, that she who wishes to reach the most rarefied and potent ranks must form and set the various trends, and possess a flat-out disregard for what you think. Power presses on at his pace and with his priorities, what sets her apart is her disregard—in some cases, her open contempt—for the dictates of fashion. He faces no imminent desperation, and while the public often place great value in luxury and mainstream culture, the to and fro from the various factions mean little to him.




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